Abril Ibarra

Abril Ibarra is born and raised in Texas. Spending most of her life in Houston, she graduated from Eisenhower High School. After starting a family following high school, Abril went into customer service with Time Warner Cable. After spending years in a customer service capacity she was then able to move up in the company to an administrative position providing excellent organizational skills and leadership that was acknowledged by coworkers and management alike.

After years in customer service Abril then chose to attend Fortis Institute to obtain a certificate as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist.

Abril is very much a family person and in her downtime can be found spending much of that time with them. She looks forward to bringing that family atmosphere as well as her customer service experience and attention to detail with her to work.

Amy Sullivan

Amy Sullivan was born and raised in the Dallas area. While attending Texas A&M she interned in the fashion industry in NYC and had the wonderful opportunity to work three NY Fashion Weeks.  After graduating with a degree in Marketing she moved to Houston to put her fashion skills to use as a Visual Merchandiser.  She eventually decided to follow her other passion in life and go into the healthcare field. While Amy doesn’t have any kids, she does have a Chihuahua that she considers as her baby.   In her free time she loves yoga, shopping, reading a good book by the pool and playing with her niece.  Amy is excited to be part of the HealthPro family!

Stan Yip, LMT

Stan Yip came from Hong Kong and had earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at University of Houston. He worked as a network engineer from a telecommunication company for over 5 years in New Jersey. Later on he returned to Houston to care for his father who was diagnosed with cancer. That’s when he realized that he is passionate about helping people who suffer from physical ailments. Stan takes pride and satisfactions from massaging his elderly parents, family members and friends when they experience muscle pains. The overwhelming positive responses from friends and family has propelled him to research in the profound benefits of massage therapy. He then decided to pursue his dream and become a Licensed Massage Therapist!

Over the years Stan had gained valuable experiences from multiple massage parlors as a massage therapist. He also actively interact and exchange massage techniques with numerous veteran massage therapists. Not only he has the intuition in detecting his clients’ discomfort zones throughout their body tissue structures with his sensitive hands, but he is also able to tailor and design his clients an individualized massage plans by synthesizing the health information he gathered from his clients.

Stan is an enthusiastic, easy going, and passionate massage therapist! Each day, he dedicates extra time to perfect his massage techniques by attending continued education via different venues and constantly refining his skills by listening and observing his clients’ feedbacks. He is well aware of the importance of understanding his clients’ needs and it’s his desires to respond to them in an effective and swift manner. Stan is looking forward to helping you achieve health and well-being.

Stan is currently residing in Sugar Land with his wife and 4-year-old twin sons! He enjoys cooking, playing soccer and building bonds with his sons!