Jim B.

I can not express the relief I had after one treatment of acupuncture on my leg. I was taking some very strong pain medication that did little to help.

Muhammad J.

It has been a great experience to be treated by qualified professionals. Dr. Pagnani is a master in her skills.  I can all it kind of magic.  I am so happy that my choice went right.  I would like to refer my friends and relatives to have a good healthy experience at HealthPro Chiropractic & Acupuncture.

Robert C.

I first came to HealthPro to try acupuncture treatment for very tense back muscles.  After consulting with Dr. Dannug though, We decided to try a serious of chiropractic adjustments instead. I’m a very active individual and have had tense back muscles as for years and years.  I always just assumed that a bit of tightness and soreness just sort of came with the territory of undertaking strenuous exercise. Long story short, a few months of treatments have changed my life.  I have better flexibility, I sleep better, my posture has improved, and coming back full circle, I’m now able to exercise more effectively.

Kim W.

I have been to a chiropractor once prior to visiting HealthPro with Dr. Dannug and Dr. Pagnani and it was not a good experience.  I had an automobile accident on December 2, 2012 and a friend recommended HealthPro because I was experiencing quite a lot of pain. It was truly a blessing because HealthPro and its awesome doctors totally changed my perception of what a chiropractor does and actually helped me a I feel so much better. I found both doctors to be knowledgeable and each made me feel very comfortable.  I have recommended many of my family, friends and coworkers   and they agree. Thank you HealthPro! The staff is the BEST!!!

Brian G.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Pagnani on several occasions for treatment and really appreciate the extra time and attention that she spends to be sure that she truly is addressing my needs. Additionally she ensures that I maintain proper stretching and diet between visits and is clearly committed to improving my overall health as a doctor . She is a true professional! When I found out she was opening Healthpro Chiropractic & Acupuncture I jumped on the chance to use this coupon to schedule my first visit when they open on April 2nd. It’s already on my calendar :) I have also recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Dannug and appreciated his dedication to sports medicine and look forward to treatment from him as well. I went back for treatment last week and got a medical massage from their new massage therapist Angela and she did a great job! Everyone on the staff has been very good for all my appointments, I recommend Healthpro to everyone!

Anuarbek I.

My entire family and I have been patients of Dr. Dannug for over a year. He is very knowledgeable and cares deeply about helping his patients. I definitely recommend this practice to all of my friends and family.  

Darrell C.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Dannug since they opened. He specializes in sports medicine and I was a former college all-american offensive lineman, so I’ve put myself through some vigorous activities that took a toll on my body. Dr. Dannug has helped me tremendously with my headaches and low back pain. As a lineman, I’ve had to battle weight gain over the years and he’s also helped me shed close to 30 pounds through proper diet education and supplementation.  Dr. Dannug taught me about simple carbs, complex carbs, and proteins.  What I liked about him the most was his ability to motivate me to eat right and exercise the right way.  I continue to meet with him once or twice a month to continue my journey towards my wellness goals. I definitely recommend the doctors of HealthPro to anyone in need of pain relief or who just want to live healthy.

Alishia J.

The Staff at HealthPro is always very friendly and helpful.  Dr. Dannug really cares about his patients and it is very obvious.  I’ve had chiropractic adjustment along with medical massage and it is a wonderful addition and helps the chiropractic adjustments tremendously.  I would recommend HealthPro (and do) to anyone seeking a chiropractor or acupuncturists

Sheryl A.

Awesome! No other words!  

Gretchen L.

Dr. Pagnani has given me great hope